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1 "I have yet to find a company better at SEO than BrainShakers. We’ve worked together for over two years and have had a great experience every time."

By: Jeff Tanguay

2 "I have yet to find a company better at SEO than BrainShakers. We’ve worked together for over two years and have had a great experience every time."

By: Matt Tanguay

3 "I have yet to find a company better at SEO than BrainShakers. We’ve worked together for over two years and have had a great experience every time."

By: Sim Tanguay

With a Winning Team on Your Side, Success is the Only Destination

Why Brainshakers Interactive?

Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component to online visibility. This is probably why the market is flooded with firms that offer these services. So why should you choose to work with us? To begin with, we don’t make any false promises of an overnight Google page 1 ranking. No genuine UK SEO firm will ever guarantee that. However, what we can guarantee is a high rank in all the major search engines. Our goal is to help you get noticed and make sure that potential customers are driven to your website.

Maintain a solid online presence in the United Kingdom or globally

At BrainShakers Interactive, we believe in combining various SEO strategies to enhance your online marketing potential. That’s what can keep you at the top of search engine rankings. This requires a deep understanding about the ever-changing patterns of search engines that determine the amount of incoming traffic you receive. No matter how large or small your business, we have the resources and skills to determine the right type of SEO strategies so that you receive the highest ROI possible. After all, a better ROI is what every business aims for.

Unleash the power of social networking

Our expertise extends to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), two areas that have a significant impact on the profitability of your website. These are powerful tools that have the potential to help you reach out to your target audience. At we follow a new vision of thinking and implementation of creative SEO methods to help our clients enjoy a higher level of performance. Our services are backed by a well qualified and experienced team of experts that have the ability to come up with innovative SEO solutions to help you gain an edge over your competitors.

At BrainShakers Interactive, we are proud to offer an array of offline SEO services, which includes Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Link Building. Our objective is not limited to driving traffic to your website. After all, anyone can do that. What is even more important is generating brand awareness for your products or services. We maintain the highest standards of SEO at par with the guidelines of every major search engine.

SEO Link Building – drive quality traffic to your website

Quality link building is an SEO strategy that BrainShakers Interactive specializes in. Of course this is not the only area that we excel in. Building quality links improves the visibility of your website, which is an organic and natural way to get real, positive rankings with major search engines. To improve your rankings we also include high page rank backlinks that are an integral part of any SEO strategy today. With high quality linking your website gets a boost in page rank based on search results for relevant keywords and key phrases. Along with the benefits of greater traffic come the prospect of increased sales, revenue, and profit. Our link building team in the UK has the experience in driving successful campaigns which comes from targeting the right directories, social networks, blogs, and more.

SEM and SMO – bring your business to the 21st century

The convergence of search and social media has changed the way websites function. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most important web marketing strategies that can drive targeted to your website. Through targeted ad campaigns we grab the attention of visitors when they search for a product or service on the web. This gives you the opportunity to convert them into customers. The team also consists of experts in Social Media Optimization or SMO, a very different strategy from regular SEO, which involves subtly marketing your products and services on social networking sites like Facebook, without any hard sell.

Why SEO should be outsourced

When it comes to SEO campaign management many website owners find the need to decide between using in house staff or outsourcing the job to a professional SEO service. While multinationals have the resources to employ an in-house team, there are several advantages of contracting a professional UK SEO firm no matter what size of business you run.

Stay on top of the SEO game

BrainShakers Interactive can make a world of difference to your SEO campaign. We employ the latest techniques in web optimization to ensure that your website is in line with current search engine processes. The convergence of search, content, and social media has brought about a greater demand for SEO where every business competes for search engine and social media visibility. We stay on top of the latest developments in SEO, which not only includes algorithm updates, but social media marketing, content marketing, and more. Working in partnership with allows you to focus on strategic plans for your business while you rely on us to help you build a solid online presence.

Cost effective SEO solutions

Outsourcing you SEO campaign brings together a whole team with years of training, skill, and experience. This is our greatest assets at BrainShakers Interactive. Our team has the ability to combine all the elements of SEO and offer you an affordable and effective alternative to employing in-house SEO experts. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team without any added investment as we continue to take care of the day to day activities of your website.

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