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Classified Submissions
Advantages of Classified Submission

Classified submission works like the typical classified ads in a newspaper or magazine. But not all ads that people post will have a similar impact. Just like most endeavours, products with better quality will tend to have most hits.

    What are the benefits of classified submission?

  • First, the content is mostly text so the service is very cheap, particularly since there are a lot of websites that offer to run classifies for free

  • Second, it helps in promoting your services and products not just to consumers but also to other businesses as well

  • Third, it makes your website more popular by generating unique and relevant backlinks.

We have a wide range of classified submission sites where we can send your ad for you. But most SEO companies will tell you that it’s the easiest part of the process. In fact, there are software apps available with the capacity to send the finished output to a certain number of directory listings in a manner of minutes.

What’s more important is designing your ad to make it pop out among the slew of other similar ads and get people to notice you right away.

But this is also the most difficult part since the text in your classified submission ad is very limited. So we need to make each word count. A 50-word ad takes days to conceptualise and only after hours of research into your market so we can know what the targeted keywords that we must use.

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