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Local SEO
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Local SEO

There are well over 4 million small businesses in the United Kingdom. A majority of them have a web presence to cope with the demand of consumers, which means there is plenty of opportunity for local SEO. To attract local customers you need to optimize your site and its content. The trend towards local search has grown significantly as local businesses compete in the ever evolving online world. If you are looking for local UK traffic then BrainShakers Interactive has the perfect local SEO solutions to target the right audience.

The objective of local SEO is to make your website ‘local search engine friendly’. Many search engines have enhanced their local search features while Google has also embedded maps as part of their search results. For local businesses this is a great way to get more exposure and gain a considerable advantage over their competitors. It takes a local SEO specialist in the United Kingdom to fetch the maximum rankings in search results because it involves much more than chasing algorithms. For the inside edge, contact us at

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